World No Tobacco Day

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How far will the tobacco industry go to beckon young consumers towards a lifetime of nicotine addiction and tobacco use? For World No Tobacco Day 2024, we invite you to expand your awareness about tobacco and nicotine product advertising that persistently targets youth and tell the tobacco industry once and for all: “Unfollow me.” Learn more on our resource page, and enter our “Call to Unfollow” Video Contest for an opportunity to win a prize!

Illustration of blue hands holding smarphones as video recording devices, atop a background photograph of loose tobacco

SRNT Conference Presentations

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SRNT’s Annual Meeting is the leading scientific forum for the latest nicotine and tobacco research. Over four days, more than 1,400 international attendees attended plenary lectures, paper sessions and symposia, and multiple scientific poster sessions. Members of the IGTC team presented a wide range of research during the annual meeting.

Presentation slide on a big screen behind presenter on a stage

Anthem Award Winner

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IGTC brought home a silver medal from the third annual Anthem Awards in recognition of Spinning a Global Web, an analysis of youth-targeted point-of-sale cigarette advertising near schools and playgrounds in 42 low- and middle-income countries around the world. 

Two young boys standing outside a cigarette kiosk, facing a massive wall of cigarette advertising and products on display

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Visit our YouTube channel to see updates from our faculty and staff as well as lectures from tobacco control experts across the globe as part of our Innovations in Tobacco Control series. Subscribe to be notified when we add a new video.

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Featured Research

Two Indonesian cigarette packs on a colorful background
Assessing Cigarette Packs Sold in Indonesia for Health Warning Label Compliance

311 unique cigarette and kretek packs displaying mandated Indonesian health warning labels (HWLs)
were systematically assessed for compliance with key requirements of Indonesian law: warning location, warning coverage, and warning label elements. In addition, three unique packs had out-of-rotation Indonesian HWLs.

A map of China with pins indicating cities over a background of tobacco products
Cigarette & E-cigarette Marketing at Points of Sale Near Schools in China: 2021 vs. 2023

IGTC assessed cigarette and e-cigarette marketing at retailers within 100m (in urban areas) or 250m (in rural areas) of middle and high schools in ten cities in China in March 2021 and April 2023. This fact sheet summarizes the study findings, compares the 2021 and 2023 results, and concludes that the sale and marketing of cigarettes in proximity to schools in China remains widespread.

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Implementation of the E-cigarette Ban in India: Findings from Key Informant Interviews

From February through May 2023, we conducted semi-structured key informant interviews with 16 participants involved in the development and implementation of the ban. This research brief summarizes these conversations to provide insight into strategies to enhance compliance and reduce e-cigarette availability across India.

A modern desktop with computer monitor displaying e-cigarette products and colorful marketing icons on its screen
Online Marketing of E-cigarettes and HTPs on Brand Websites in the Philippines

IGTC examined various online marketing strategies employed by companies on their brand websites to promote e-cigarettes and HTPs in the Philippines. Flavor descriptors, product promotions, and persuasive messaging or appeals using text/images were among the strategies detected consistently across all 15 sites observed. This fact sheet summarizes the study’s findings, which can help inform policy efforts and reduce harms associated with these products.

Tobacco Watcher

Tobacco Watcher is an automated media monitoring and intelligence site that scans news 24/7 for you and provides a tool to search current articles instantly pertaining to your interests.


Perform an Analysis. Graph and identify peaks and falls in topic coverage online in a chosen timeframe.


Set Custom Alerts. Instantly receive any articles on a product or keyword or any topic of interest regularly.


Search Articles. Filter content based on theme: bans, industry, prevalence, quitting, and more.

Online Courses

Changing the Game with Open Access to Expert Content

Learning from the Experts is a free online course breaking down the fundamentals of tobacco control, including its history, surveillance, and impacts. This course will help individuals build, monitor, and assess interventions on any scale using case studies and examples from around the world.

التحكم العالمي في التبغ: التعلم من الخبراء

من خلال وحدات ذات ست موضوعات ، تسمح الدورة لأي شخص من متخصصي الصحة العامة إلى الطلاب بزيادة فهمهم لموضوعات مكافحة التبغ ، بما في ذلك تعلم كيفية منع الضرر مع تغير منتجات التبغ وتطورها.

صنادیق مكافحة التبغ
التبغ أو الصحة
صناعة التبغ
تدخلات التحكم في التبغ :الجزء الأول
تدخلات التحكم في التبغ :الجزء الثاني
المراقبة والتقییم
انظر الدورة
A Course for Healthcare Professionals

With three-themed modules, the course allows anyone from public health professionals to students to increase their understanding of tobacco control topics, including learning how to prevent harm as tobacco products change and evolve.

How Can You Be Involved in Tobacco Control
Best Practices in International Tobacco Control
Helping People Quit Tobacco
انظر الدورة
Tobacco and COVID-19

The Tobacco and COVID-19 course is the newest online offering from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control. This online course provides the current evidence on tobacco use and COVID-19. The course covers topics such as the impact of smoking on COVID-19, the effects of nicotine at a molecular level and the behavior of the tobacco industry during the pandemic.

Covid-19 and Tobacco Use
انظر الدورة

The Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS)

TPackSS, developed with funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies through the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, contains a visual database of cigarette packs from 14 low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to monitor how tobacco companies are marketing their products and track their compliance with tobacco pack requirements including health warning labels.

collage of various cigarette packs

Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub

The Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub offers tobacco control advocates a new online treaty monitoring platform with multiple user-friendly dashboards featuring more than 300 performance indicators from more than 180 reporting countries. Explore multi-year trends to monitor, analyze and report on global tobacco control progress through engaging color-coded maps and graphic visualizations.


Where We Work

As a collaborating centre of the World Health Organization (WHO) since 2004, our work takes place around the globe. We concentrate primarily on the 10 priority countries of the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use - Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Indonesia, India, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, Ukraine and Vietnam. 

Through our work together and with other organizations, we have produced reports to support tobacco control action in low- and middle-income countries. Learn more about our projects by choosing a region to explore.