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Healthy wheat crop growing in a green field

World No Tobacco Day (May 31) marks an opportunity to raise awareness about the harms of tobacco farming and envision a world with no tobacco. From infographics and media analysis to an online quiz, IGTC has put together a variety of engaging and informative FREE resources on this important topic.

Healthy wheat crop growing in a green field

Breaking Tobacco Control News

Tobacco Watcher

Tobacco Watcher’s Sentinel system recognizes developing tobacco control headlines as they unfold. Access the breaking news now.

Tobacco Watcher

FCTC Progress Hub Unveiled

Progress Hub

The Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub offers tobacco control advocates a new online treaty monitoring platform with multiple user-friendly dashboards featuring more than 300 performance indicators from more than 180 reporting countries.

Progress Hub

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Featured Research

Pakistan TAPS study
Advertisements, Promotions and Display of Tobacco Products at Points-of-Sale in Pakistan

This study examined the presence of tobacco advertisements, promotions and product display, and tobacco warning signage at points-of-sale, in November and December 2021, across 8 cities in Pakistan: Gilgit, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, and Quetta.

China display in store
Youth Exposures and Perceptions to Tobacco Marketing in China

Exposure to tobacco marketing is associated with increased susceptibility to use, and use of, cigarettes among Chinese adolescents. The findings from the study may support regulatory efforts to strengthen the implementation of national restrictions on tobacco marketing.

Smoke-Free Fact Sheet Turkey
Compliance with Smoke-free Law in Hospitality Venues: An Observational Study in Turkey

Between 2019 and 2020, the Ministry of Health of Turkey undertook cross-provincial inspections in three cities (Ankara, Istanbul, and Izmir) in order to enhance compliance. The findings from this study suggest that, despite cross-provincial inspections in these three cities, compliance with the current smoke-free law remains low.

Straw cigarette pack
Straw Cigarette Branding

Straw cigarettes are a common tobacco product from Brazil that features tobacco hand-rolled in a corn husk that resembles straw. The use of natural materials and the fact that they are rolled by hand have led some people to believe they are less harmful than cigarettes. Studies, however, have found that straw cigarette smoke causes damage similar to cigarettes.

Tobacco Watcher

Tobacco Watcher is an automated media monitoring and intelligence site that scans news 24/7 for you and provides a tool to search current articles instantly pertaining to your interests.


Perform an Analysis. Graph and identify peaks and falls in topic coverage online in a chosen timeframe.


Set Custom Alerts. Instantly receive any articles on a product or keyword or any topic of interest regularly.


Search Articles. Filter content based on theme: bans, industry, prevalence, quitting, and more.

Online Courses

Changing the Game with Open Access to Expert Content

Learning from the Experts is a free online course breaking down the fundamentals of tobacco control, including its history, surveillance, and impacts. This course will help individuals build, monitor, and assess interventions on any scale using case studies and examples from around the world.

Глобальный контроль над табаком: обучение у экспертов

Курс, состоящий из шести тематических модулей, позволяет любому, от специалистов общественного здравоохранения до студентов, углубить свое понимание вопросов борьбы против табака, в том числе узнать, как предотвратить вред по мере изменения и развития табачных изделий.

Основы контроля над табаком
Табак или здоровье
Табачная отрасль
Меры по контролю над табаком: часть 1
Вмешательства, связанные с контролем над табаком: часть II
Эпиднадзор и оценка
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A Course for Healthcare Professionals

With three-themed modules, the course allows anyone from public health professionals to students to increase their understanding of tobacco control topics, including learning how to prevent harm as tobacco products change and evolve.

How Can You Be Involved in Tobacco Control
Best Practices in International Tobacco Control
Helping People Quit Tobacco
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Tobacco and COVID-19

The Tobacco and COVID-19 course is the newest online offering from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control. This online course provides the current evidence on tobacco use and COVID-19. The course covers topics such as the impact of smoking on COVID-19, the effects of nicotine at a molecular level and the behavior of the tobacco industry during the pandemic.

Covid-19 and Tobacco Use
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Policy Scan

We keep up with rapid changes in laws regarding e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products around the world. The policy bank has been verified by public health professionals in their respective countries.

Illustration of e-cigarette and heated tobacco product

The Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS)

TPackSS, developed with funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies through the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, contains a visual database of cigarette packs from 14 low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to monitor how tobacco companies are marketing their products and track their compliance with tobacco pack requirements including health warning labels.

collage of various cigarette packs

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