SRNT 2022

IGTC faculty and staff presented research at the annual meeting of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco in Baltimore. The meeting features a mix of in-person and virtual presentations.

Brown presentation
Brown JL, Rosen D, Carmona M, Hurley M, Parra N, Cohen JE. Tactics used systematically by big tobacco that attract children and youth at tobacco points-Of-sale.
Cohen thumbnail
Cohen JE, Hardesty JJ, Nian Q, Crespi E,  Soule E, Kennedy RD, Welding K, Sinamo J, Kaplan B, Eissenberg T, Breland A. ENDS use ‘in the wild’: Device and liquid characteristics from the VAPER study.
Crespi thumbnail 1
Crespi E, Hardesty JJ, Nian Q, Sinamo J, Welding K, Kennedy RD, Cohen JE. Custom and non-custom e-cigarette liquid users’ device/liquid characteristics and health outcomes: Implications for e-cigarette regulations.
Crespi thumbnail
Crespi E, Hardesty JJ, Nian Q, Sinamo J, Welding K, Cohen JE, Kennedy RD. Mint, menthol, sweet, and tobacco ENDS liquid flavorings in relation to nicotine formulation and concentration: results from the population-based VAPER study.
Czaplicki thumb
Czaplicki L, Saraf S, Rasheduzzaman ABM, Kroart L, Islam MS, Cohen JE. Standardizing the shape of smokeless tobacco packs sold in Bangladesh – Potential impact on health warning label visibility and harm perceptions.
Grilo presentation
Grilo G.  Brown JL, Cohen JE, Smith KC. Globalization of cigarette marketing: young adult smokers’ shared perceptions of flavored cigarette pack design in Mexico and in the Philippines.
Grilo thumnbail
Grilo G, Cohen JE, Welding K, Reynales-Shigematsu LM, Flores Escartin MG, Madar A, Smith KC. Concept descriptors on IQOS HEETS in Mexico.
Hardesty thumbnail
Hardesty JJ, Crespi E, Sinamo J, Breland AB, Eissenberg T, Welding K, Kennedy RD, Cohen JE. Bots and professional survey takers: Recruitment challenges for tobacco regulatory science online surveys.
Kaplan thumbail
Kaplan B, Hardesty JJ, Welding K, Breland AB, Eissenberg T,  Cohen JE. Ends flavor use by age group in the US a longitudinal analysis.
Kennedy thumb
Kennedy RD, Saraf S, Wright K, Sinamo J, Pouranik S, Pandey A, Singh RJ, Cohen JE.. Tobacco product display in retail settings in Siliguri, India.
Kroart thumbnail
Kroart L, Czaplicki L, Saraf S, Rasheduzzaman ABM, Islam MS, Cohen JE. Harm perceptions and behavioral intentions in response to smokeless tobacco graphic health warning labels in Bangladesh.
Nian thumbnail
Nian Q, Sinamo J; Hardesty JJ, Crespi E, Welding K, Kennedy RD, Vattipally V, Cohen JE. Correlates of e-cigarette use dependence among regular adult e-cigarette users.
Robichaud thumb
Robichaud M, Puryear T, Cohen JE, Kennedy RD. How media stories in low- and middle-income countries (LMICS) discussed the FDA’s authorization of the marketing of IQOS as a modified risk tobacco product with “reduced exposure” information.
Sinamo thumbnail
Sinamo J, Hardesty JJ, Nian Q, Crespi E, Welding K, Kennedy RD, Cohen JE. Other tobacco products and cannabinoids used by regular e-cigarette users.
Welding thumb
Welding K, Sinamo J, Hardesty JJ, Cohen JE, Crespi E, Nian Q, Kennedy RD, Breland AB, Soule EK, Eissenberg T. Inverse correlation of ends device power and liquid nicotine concentration: Are users self-regulating nicotine emissions?