December 2023

Cigarette & E-cigarette Marketing at Points of Sale Near Schools in China: 2021 vs. 2023

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A light blue map of China with 10 cities marked appears in the foreground with a photograph of tobacco products displayed at a Chinese retailer in the background

In China, tobacco sales are prohibited near schools, although a distance is not specified in the national law. Tobacco advertising at the point of sale is banned. In 2022, China also banned flavored e-cigarettes (other than tobacco flavored) and disallowed e-cigarette retailers from exclusively selling a single brand of product.  
IGTC assessed cigarette and e-cigarette marketing at retailers within 100m (in urban areas) or 250m (in rural areas) of middle and high schools in ten cities in China in March 2021 and April 2023. This fact sheet summarizes the study findings, compares the 2021 and 2023 results, and concludes that the sale and marketing of cigarettes in proximity to schools in China remains widespread.



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