January 2024

Assessing Cigarette Packs Sold in Indonesia for Health Warning Label Compliance

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Indonesian cigarette packs on a blue starburst background

Using the TPackSS systematic protocol, cigarette and kretek packs were purchased across three cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Medan, and Surabaya) during September 2022. 

311 unique cigarette and kretek packs displaying mandated Indonesian health warning labels (HWLs) were systematically assessed for compliance with key requirements of Indonesian law: warning location, warning coverage, and warning label elements. In addition, three unique packs had out-of-rotation Indonesian HWLs. 

All packs had the warnings in the correct location, and every pack except one had the correct warning label elements. Yet, we observed some areas of concern, including the use of misleading terms, which may create an erroneous impression about the product and its impact on health. We also found health warning labels that were incomplete or obscured.