A Course for Healthcare Professionals

"A Course for Healthcare Professionals" is an online course developed collaboratively by faculty at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and globally acclaimed tobacco control advocates in healthcare careers. This course was designed for busy healthcare providers as a time-saving alternative for those who otherwise would not be able to complete our longer tobacco control training: Learning from the Experts: A Course for Healthcare Professionals. The course is free and open to anyone interested in learning more about the role healthcare professionals play in tobacco control.

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Participants who complete the entire course will receive a certificate of completion.

Three Module Course

With three-themed modules, the course allows anyone from public health professionals to students to increase their understanding of tobacco control topics, including learning how to prevent harm as tobacco products change and evolve.

How Can You Be Involved in Tobacco Control
Best Practices in International Tobacco Control
Helping People Quit Tobacco

The course is organized into three modules covering key tobacco control topics.

Healthcare professionals with some or no tobacco control experience.

Users can select audio clips, images, tabs, panels, assessments, animations, timelines, videos, etc., as they journey through each lecture.

 Images, charts, graphs, and infographics are accompanied by alternative text or text versions so that people with disabilities will be able to access all course information.

This site requires a current web browser with JavaScript enabled. Desktop, laptop, and tablet are optimal for viewing the course. If issues in cellphone portrait view are encountered, cellphone landscape view is suggested. Also, the Firefox browser does not work well with this course. Please switch to another browser to access the learning modules.

Upon completing the entire course, users will have the option of downloading and printing a Certificate of Completion.

You cannot download or share the Completion Certificates and badges. Check the declaration checkbox ("I declare that I do not work for...") in your profile to download or share the document.