World No Tobacco Day 2016: Plain Packaging


With advertising restrictions changing in countries all around the world, tobacco companies haven taken to cigarette packs and even cigarettes themselves to entice users and sell their brand.

Find out more about this year’s World No Tobacco Day (May 31) theme, plain packaging, through this multi-part series. WHO also offers World No Tobacco Day information and graphics.


Week 1: Understanding Plain Packaging
This video with Dr. Joanna Cohen gives the basics about plain packaging and why it can save lives globally.

Week 2: What's Your Appeal?
For the past three years the Institute for Global Tobacco Control has been collecting cigarette packs from 14 low- and middle-income countries through the Tobacco Pack Surveillance System (TPackSS) project in an effort to catalog and study tobacco pack compliance with health warning label requirements and company marketing on the pack. Some appeals are commonly found around the world.

What's your appeal

Week 3: Unbrand Your World
The winner of our Unbrand Your World contest is Limbika Maliwichi-Senganimalunje from Malawi, who submitted this Virginia Blend pack as a key example of local pack marketing. See more packs from around the world on our TPackSS website.

Week 4: Tobacco Packaging in the United States

Dr. Cohen's article in the New York Times called for a strong push to finally instate United States graphic health warning label regulations.
Health warning label illustration by Mark Prenice

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