Policy Summary: 

E-cigarettes are regulated as tobacco products (which is defined as any product that contains tobacco or its extracts in any form) in accordance with Tobacco Control Act (Law 15/2010). The Tobacco Control Act requires tobacco products not previously sold in the Maldives or introduced to the Maldivian market to obtain approval from the Ministry of Health.

Sale to minors under 18 years is prohibited as is sale via vending machines, post, internet or automated service where age cannot be verified prior to purchase.

The law currently requires all tobacco products imported, manufactured or sold to carry text warnings covering a minimum of 30% of surface area on the front and back of pack/package. The five approved messages should be rotated periodically (rotational frequency not specified). Health warnings are also required to be placed at venues selling tobacco products as well as in designated smoking areas in eateries.

All forms of advertising, promotion and sponsorship is prohibited.

Use of e-cigarettes is prohibited where smoking is banned.

In accordance with Act No. 31/79 (Export Import Act of Maldives), 200% of the cost, insurance and freight (CIF) value of tobacco products (other than cigarettes) and articles used in the consumption of tobacco products, are levied at the time of importation; further, a 6% goods and services tax (GST) is levied at the time of sale. However, gadgets used in the consumption of ENDS/ENNDS are taxed as electronic devices rather than as articles used for consumption of tobacco products.

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