Policy Summary: 

E-cigarettes are classified as tobacco products according to the Law on Limiting the Use of Tobacco Products.

As such certain sales restrictions apply: e-cigarettes cannot be displayed at the point of sale or sold to minors (under 18 years). They must be sold in their original packaging.

Packaging must contain text and pictorial warnings about the danger of using tobacco products; occupy the top of the two largest faces and cover an area of 75% on each major face. Text warning in the lower front should be in the official language, while text in lower back can be in other languages. Information on ingredients, carcinogenic substances, etc. should occupy not less than 17% of the side of the pack. Use of misleading descriptors as stipulated by the law is prohibited.

Use of e-cigarettes in certain public places is prohibited as well as in private vehicles with minors under 16 years.

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